Easy Set Up.   Great Service.   Low Electricity Rates.

Quick, easy, and a great rate.   That’s what we’re known for.  When you call us, getting electric service in Round Rock is a simple task.

With our low rate, you get a great deal on electricity for a low monthly bill, but what really sets us apart is our personal, trustworthy, local customer service.  It’s a service you just won’t find with other electricity providers in and around the city of Round Rock.

When you call, you won’t get a phone menu; or a distant call center; you won’t wait on hold, or talk to a computer.  You get a local representative who has been helping city of Round Rock Texas residents for years in achieving savings on their Round Rock utilities.

More so than anyone else you’ll talk to, we have a complete understanding of all aspects of the Round Rock electric utilities service. This knowledge also applies to the surrounding areas of Pflugerville, Hutto, Georgetown and Taylor.  We’re friendly and take as much time as you need to explain and answer all your questions.  We strive to be thorough,  specific to your needs, and do it with patience and courtesy.

Helping you save on your Round Rock area electricity bill is important to us.  With that in mind, we gather electricity market information for Round Rock and Texas and share this information with you, which helps you to make an informed decision year after year.

If you are looking for something different than the other providers for electricity in Round Rock, or electricity in Pflugerville, or even electricity in Taylor or Hutto, discover what others have – RoundRockElectricity.com is the easiest, friendliest, and most effective way to get it done.

Call Us.  We’re Different.  You’ll See.

Some Questions People Ask

How much will it cost to set up my service?

The connection fee is minimal at $2.26. This fee due on the first bill; they are not due at the time of your electricity service request.

Will I have to pay a deposit for my new electricity service?

There is not an automatic requirement for a deposit. It will depend on the primary account holder’s credit score for electric utility purpose.  Round Rock electric companies will check your overall credit score (we use EquiFax) to ascertain if a deposit would be required.  This is what is called a ‘soft check’ on a credit score, as you are not applying for a ‘line of credit.’

(There are other options if you do not want a credit check – Call for this information)

We do not require a ‘stellar’ credit score to avoid a deposit requirement. If your score is in the low 600’s or better, you will NOT be asked for a deposit.

At the time your request is submitted, we will get an instant response on a whether or not a deposit is required.  If one is requested, we will call you back immediately and discuss your options.

The deposits, when required, are incremental according to credit score, and are as follows:

For an Apartment –   $40,  $80,  $120*,  $160*

For a Home –  $70,  $140,  $210*,  $280*

* These higher deposit amounts may be split into 2 payments.  You can pay half the deposit upon enrollment; the other half will be due on your first invoice.

How long will it take to complete the order for service?

It takes just about 10-15 minutes over the phone.

Do you serve areas other than the City of Round Rock?

Yes.  We can also provide electricity for many areas around the City of Round Rock.  These areas include:  the City of Pflugerville and surrounding areas, the City of Hutto and surrounding areas, the City of Taylor and surrounding areas.

Also, we can provide electricity to most of the rural areas around these communities. We also cover the areas on the eastern side of the City of Georgetown, TX.

Areas we cannot serve are Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, the interior City of Georgetown.

Call us if you have a question about a specific address and we’ll be glad to ‘look it up’ for you.

Who do I call for a power outage in Round Rock?

ONCOR handles all power outages in Round Rock – Call them at 888-313-4747

See more on this matter at our Round Rock Power Outage page.

When will I get my bill?

When you receive your invoice will depend on when your electricity meter is read by Oncor.

Oncor is the electric “delivery” company in Round Rock and they set the schedule for reading electricity meters. You will typically receive your electricity bill about 4 to 7 days after your meter has been read by Oncor.

If you have started new electricity service, your first invoice can arrive anywhere from 1 to 5 weeks from the date your electricity meter was ‘turned on;’ again, this depends on the meter reading schedule in your area.

How long will I have to pay my bill once I get my invoice?

Once you get your electricity bill, you will have at least 10 days to pay before it is considered ‘late.’

If the bill is not paid by the due date, a ‘disconnect notice’ will be sent alerting you that you have about 10 more days to pay the bill before a disconnect occurs.

This gives you approximately 3 weeks to pay the bill before a disconnection for non-payment would occur.

A Few Reviews

  • "Made it easy. Good rates. Super helpful rep."

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  • "I wish the other utilities had people to work with like this."

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  • "Round Rock Electricity went above and beyond to help me."

    From Google Reviews
  • "...great rates, great to work with. Definitely recommend them!"

    From Judy's Book
  • "If you want easy, polite, no pressure, call these folks."

    From Judy's Book

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