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Round Rock Residential Electricity Rates

Term per kWh Facts Label Choose
1 Year 9.2 ¢ * EFL-1yr
2 Year 9.3 ¢ * EFL-2yr
6 Month 9.3 ¢ EFL-6m
100% Wind 1 Year 9.4 ¢ * EFL-1yrG
Month-to-Month 11.7 ¢ EFL-Var

Use Paperless / Auto-Billing to take .2 cents off the rates above.

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Regarding a “Customer Charge”

For customers using 1000 kWh’s or more in a billing period, there will be no additional charges/fees of any amount that are not already in the quoted rate above.  In fact, with our plans, as a customer’s usage increases, their ‘average’ rate begins to decline. Conversely, when customers use 999 kWh or less in a billing period they will see a customer charge of $9.99 for that billing period.  For details of each plan, refer to the Electricity Facts Label links above adjacent to each rate plan.

Do you have service now but aren’t sure what you’re really paying?

If someone asked you what you are paying for your electricity service, could you name your TRUE rate per kWh? How high is your electricity rate?

Many companies ‘hide’ the effective rate or true rate.  To determine your rate, read the following:

Check your current bill for these words: “The average price you paid for electricity service this month is —” The number at the end of that phrase is your current effective rate, expressed in cents per kWh; that’s what you are REALLY paying for your electricity.

If you would like a honest audit of your current situation, we would be glad to conduct a quick assessment with you over the phone.  We will review your current usage, clear up any confusion you may have about your electricity bill, and let you know how much you would save with a lower rate at your usage levels.  We do this audit with a ‘matter of fact’ demeanor; we don’t pressure or push you to do anything.  In fact, we won’t ASK you to be our customer.  We’re all grown-ups here; we understand you’ll let us know if you want to switch to our service.  That’s the way we operate.



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Ambit Energy Terms of Service –  Your Rights as a Customer

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