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Call (512) 827-8005

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If using our secure Ambit Enrollment Page, you’ll start by entering your zip code, then follow the simple steps to complete the order.  Call with any questions you may have.

*Customers Using Online Enrollment*

You will be contacted within 24 hours for a “verification” of the request. You will be asked to confirm the address has been entered correctly, and to confirm the name of the primary account holder.

This is consumer protection step to ensure the accuracy of the order.  You don’t have to wait for that call; you can call our verification center at 866-942-6248 and complete this step well ahead of the scheduled call.

If you are needing your service on ASAP, please call us at (512) 827-8005 to ensure a quick and trouble-free order.


When you enroll with our electricity service you will receive a Travel Voucher for 2 nights/3 days that can be used at a 3-Star Hotel in San Antonio.  This is your gift for using our service.


Once I get the service connected, who do I call if the power goes out?

You will call the Local Wires Company for our area. In Central Texas, this company is “Oncor Electric Delivery.” This company DOES NOT sell electricity; they only maintain the wires/poles and read our electric meters. A 24 hour emergency service phone number will be provided on your bill. That number is 888-313-4747.

If I am switching, how long will it take?

With the new ONCOR Smart Digital Meters, the switch takes place in 1-2 business days.

You can also select a switch date, up to 90 days in the future.

Call Us At 512-827-8005

When will I receive my free 2 night-stay travel voucher?

As soon as the order is complete, your voucher number will be sent to you by Ambit Energy. This voucher will also be available in an electronic version within your online Customer Care Account.   If you would like to set up your Customer Care Account, go to our Online Account Set Up page.

With the voucher, you would still be responsible for the local hotel taxes which vary according to location and are typically $10-15 per night.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. Upon enrollment you will be given the details regarding your option to pay your bill online.

Ambit Energy provides website access for all details regarding your account including usage history, past bills in pdf format, travel reward points, all bill pay options, and much more.  To set up your online access go to our page here.


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