How long will it take to complete the order for service?

We’re pretty fast – It takes just about 5-10 minutes over the phone.

How much will it cost to set up my service?

The connection fee is minimal at just $2.26.

This fee due on the first bill; not at the time of your electricity service request.

(You may or may not have a deposit; see question on deposits)

Do you serve areas other than the City of Round Rock?

Yes.  We can also provide electricity for many areas around the City of Round Rock.  These areas include:  the City of Pflugerville and surrounding areas, the City of Hutto and surrounding areas, the City of Taylor and surrounding areas.

Also, we can provide electricity to most of the rural areas around these communities. We also cover the areas on the eastern side of the City of Georgetown, TX.

Areas we cannot serve are City of Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, the interior City of Georgetown.

Call us if you have a question about a specific address and we’ll be glad to ‘look it up’ for you.

When will I get my bill?

When you receive your invoice will depend on when your electricity meter is scheduled to be read by Oncor.

Oncor is the electric “delivery” company in Round Rock and they set the schedule for reading electricity meters. You will typically receive your electricity bill about 3 to 5 days after your meter has been read by Oncor.

If you have started new electricity service, your first invoice can arrive anywhere from 1 to 5 weeks from the date your electricity meter was ‘turned on;’ again, this depends on the meter reading schedule in your area.

Feel free to call us and we’ll help you get this information if you haven’t received a bill and are wondering when it should arrive. 

How long will I have to pay my bill once I get my invoice?

Once you get your electricity bill, you will have at least 10 days to pay before it is considered ‘late.’

If the bill is not paid by the due date, a ‘disconnect notice’ will be sent alerting you that you have about 10 more days to pay the bill before a disconnect occurs.

This gives you approximately 3 weeks to pay the bill before a disconnection for non-payment would occur.

Will I have to pay a deposit to start electricity service?

Not necessarily. Round Rock electric companies will check your overall credit score to determine if a deposit would be required.  This is a ‘soft check’ on a credit score, as you are not applying for a ‘line of credit.’

(There are other options if you do not want a credit check – Call for this information)

If your score is around 600 or better, you will not have a deposit.

At the time your request is submitted, we get an immediate response from an automated system on a whether or not a deposit is required.

The deposits, if needed, vary according to the credit score:

For an Apartment –   $40,  $80,  $120*,  $160*

For a Home –  $70,  $140,  $210*,  $280*

* These amounts may be split into 2 payments.  You can pay half the deposit upon enrollment; the other half will be deferred to your first invoice.

Who do I call for a power outage in Round Rock?

ONCOR handles all power outages in Round Rock – Call them at 888-313-4747

See more on this matter at our Round Rock Power Outage page.

How fast can I have my electricity on?

There is a good chance it can be on within a couple hours (if the order is completed before the end of the day).

More Detail:

For a standard connection fee of $2.26, your service can be activated on the day you select (up to 30 days in the future).

Anything less than a couple days in advance is considered an “expedited” service request.  If the expedite is made early in the day, the connection will likely occur the same day, usually within a few hours.

If the request is made late in the afternoon, the priority request could be pushed to the next day.

If I switch to your service, how much will I save each month?

That depends on how high your rate is right now, and how much electricity you use.

Some residents can save $25 a month, some will save over $125 a month.

Check your bill for “the average price per kW you paid for electricity service this month is:..” This phrase is sometimes in very small print. The number following that phrase is your current final rate.

Obviously, the more electricity you use, the more your potential savings.  Most small homes use around 1000 kWh in the winter, but use much, much more in the summer. Bigger homes in Round Rock use as much as 4000 to 5000 kWh’s in the summer. With a rate drop of 3 cents per kWh, some customers are saving well more than $100 a month in the summer.

If you have any questions about reading your current bill, feel free to give us a call: 827-8005. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of the process.   In fact, this is what sets us apart from other providers. We will tell you all about the process with no pressure to use our service.

You can also email your questions to


Does it cost anything to switch providers?

No.  And, you won’t need to contact your current provider. In fact, if you are satisfied with all the information provided on this website you can even switch without having to call anyone.  Just use our Secure Customer Enrollment page.

NOTE: As a consumer protection, after you complete an online enrollment, you will be called the next day to “verify” the order.  This is done to prevent someone from switching your service without your knowledge or consent.

When will the switch occur? How soon?

With the addition of the digital electricity meter we are seeing switches take place the same day, or the next day!  The switch can take a few business days, but the ‘norm’ has been one or two days. This means you can start saving real soon.  Further, you can select a date, if you like. This would be a benefit to a customer who knows when the contract with their current Round Rock electricity provider will expire.  In this case, you can lock in your new rate and plan now, but pick the date you would like it to start to avoid a termination fee.  You can choose a day up to 90 days in the future.

I am in a contract. What are my options?

Some folks are locked into long-term contracts with a high rate. If you fall into this category, it would be wise to calculate whether or not you will save money by paying the cancellation fee and switching providers to get a significantly lower rate. For instance, if you switch to a lower rate to save $60 a month, and your cancellation fee is $200; this means your savings will have paid for the cancellation fee in less than 4 months. If your contract still has 1 year on it, you would still SAVE over $400 in one year AFTER paying the cancellation fee. That’s how big the savings could be.  I have had customers in this situation; they have paid their cancellation fee to realize the long-term savings. Call for a quick audit of your situation. We’ll will give you straight answers. If it doesn’t make sense financially to terminate a contract, we’ll make that clear.

If I switch, where will my electricity come from?

Your current electric delivery company or “Local Wires Company” will continue to deliver your electricity. The name of this company is ONCOR.  Your Round Rock power will be supplied by Ambit Energy and come from a regional power pool – a mixture of energy from traditional power plants and other sources like wind, water, sun and natural gas. ONCOR still responds to service interruptions and continues to maintain the poles and wires. You will continue to receive the same reliable service you are used to with ONCOR, regardless of the Retail Electric Provider (REP) you receive your Round Rock power from. It is important to understand,  THERE IS NO CHANGE IN THE RELIABILITY OF SERVICE.

What about the reliability of my electric service?

Regardless of who your Retail Electric Provider (REP) is, your Round Rock TX electricity will continue to be delivered safely and reliably by the Local Wires Company (ONCOR); a company regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

What happens if we have a Round Rock power outage?

A 24 hour service phone number will be provided on your bill.  That number is 1-888-313-4747.

FYI – With this area’s digital meters, the outages are ‘self-reported’ by the radio features of these meters. Even though they are self-reported, the reporting is not immediate; it’s always a good idea to call and report your outage to be sure.

Does everyone in Texas have the option to choose their electricity provider?

No. Areas like the City of Austin, and member-owned electric cooperatives, like PEC, do not have the choice of electricity providers. There are millions of customers in Texas that do have a choice, with more being added in the future. Areas such as San Antonio, El Paso, and Amarillo could be added to the deregulated electric grid at some point in the future.  In addition to Round Rock, Texas,  Round Rock Electricity can help customers save on their electric bill in the following communities:  Hutto, Taylor, Pflugerville, East Georgetown, Thrall, and rural areas surrounding these cities.  If you would like to know more about helping people save on their electricity purchases, visit

What about Georgetown, or electricity in Pflugerville, Taylor, or Hutto?

Residents in Hutto, Pflugerville, Taylor, east of Georgetown and other areas north of Austin have a choice and can use  If you like, please tell your friends in these areas. (Areas include: Hutto, Pflugerville, Taylor, Dallas, Houston, Waco, just to name a few)

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