Call 888-313-4747 to report power outages in Round Rock.

That is the number to Oncor’s automated outage reporting system.  When you call, you’ll also get an estimated time for power restoration. You will be asked to give your phone number, or your ESI-ID number.  The phone number you’ll need is the number you used when you enrolled for your electric service in Round Rock.  The ESI-ID number is a 15 digit number found on your bill.  You can easily identify this number in that all of the ESI-ID numbers in Round Rock start with “1044372000…”

This automated phone system will take your submission of a power outage and will give you an estimated time for electric service to be restored in your area.  In our experience, Oncor’s estimate is very conservative.  They usually restore your power in a much shorter time frame then what is given over the phone. Usually.

In the Round Rock area, all homes have Advanced Digital Meters which are programmed to ‘notify’ Oncor of the power outage in Round Rock.   So, when you call, it’s likely that Oncor is already aware of the power outage, though it is convenient to get the estimated time for the power to be restored by calling ONCOR.

More About the ONCOR Electric Delivery Company

Oncor is the regulated “local wires company.”  They own everything that delivers the electricity to our homes and businesses, including the electric meter, and virtually all lines and equipment right up to the generators or power plants.   They do not ‘sell’ electricity, they only ‘deliver’ it through their lines.

An illustration that may help you understand how this Texas electricity system works is this:

If you were shopping online for a product, you would see a price for the product itself; you would put the item in your ‘shopping cart’ and then “check out.”

Upon ‘check out’ a shipping cost would be added to your item cost.  The shipper (typically UPS or the US Postal Service) has little to do with the production of your item, they just ‘deliver’ it to you for a fee.  The electric companies operate in the same manner as that illustration.  You purchase your electricity from an electric company and a ‘shipping’ or ‘delivery’ cost is added to your ‘item cost’ for a final electricity rate.  Think of ONCOR as a ‘shipper’ for your electricity just as UPS and the US Postal Service is a delivery company for packages and letters.

Incidentally, the costs for transmission and delivery of the electricity by ONCOR is regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.



To obtain a lower rate for your electricity service in Round Rock —  please call 512-827-8005.  We provide polite local customer service, with a low electricity rate.

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