Interesting Round Rock Historical Information/Trivia

Did you know:

…most historians give the year of 1833 as the first recorded history of Round Rock, Texas. At this time, only Indians and native Mexicans lived along the banks of Brushy Creek. The Tonkawa and the Comanche were the two main Indian tribes in this area.


…while most of Texas voted to leave the union in the 1860’s, Williamson County and Round Rock voted strongly in favor of remaining in the union. Also, Sam Houston was strongly against secession.  Houston refused to make an Allegiance to the Confederacy and was removed from Office as the Governor of Texas.


…in the 1840’s, a stagecoach ran from the Mississippi River to San Antonio, Texas. This stagecoach crossed the solid rock bottom of Brushy Creek where the “round rock” is still visible as you drive on Chisolm Trail over Brushy Creek.  Follow this link to see a great photo of the “Round Rock.”



the town was originally called “Brushy and was changed to Round Rock in 1854. The Postmaster at the time made the change.


…A.W. Grimes, for which of course A.W. Grimes Blvd. was named, was a Round Rock area Sheriff who was gunned down and killed by Sam Bass and his gang.  Sam Bass was severely wounded in this same battle, and died 3 days later. Sam Bass was born in Indiana.


…that the infamous killer John Wesley Hardin graduated from the “Round Rock Academy” in 1870.  He and his brother Joe were the first graduates of the new school in Round Rock, Texas.  By the time John Hardin was 18 years old, he had killed over 20 men!


…in 1912 the first electricity came to Williamson County in Taylor, Texas.


in 1913, the citizens of Round Rock voted to become an incorporated city.  The vote was 67 to 46!

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