To report a street light outage in Round Rock, go to ONCOR’s

Report Street Light Issues page.

On that page, you’ll find instructions and a link to a map which will help you locate the EXACT pole to report!

Or, you can call ONCOR to report the malfunctioning street light at


Report a Street Light Outage in Round Rock

Further Information

In the City of Round Rock and surrounding areas, ONCOR Electric Delivery owns and operates most of the street lamps.  ONCOR has a fantastic online resource for reporting the outage of a street light.

Below, we have included a video tutorial explaining how to use that Street Light Outage reporting system.

Also, here is some of the language straight from the ONCOR web page regarding street lights in their territory.

Oncor has approximately 400,000 street lights in its service area, and we always appreciate your help identifying lights that are in need of repair. The sooner our Oncor teams know lights are out, the sooner we can get them fixed!

Standard repairs can take up to three weeks, but we try to get the job done in five days or less.


Youtube Video Tutorial on the ONCOR Street Light Reporting System

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