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Monitor Your Usage by the Minute

As our customer, you’ll have access to an Ambit Energy online tool, which allows you to monitor your kWh usage in 15 minute increments.

This online tool, called the Energy Advisor, includes a weekly email with a summary of your electricity usage per day.  The first image is an example of such a weekly summary.  You can see it provides the last two weeks of usage for each day and during separate periods of each day; morning, afternoon, evening and over-night.  It also includes the temperatures for each day.  This a great ‘snapshot’ look at your usage patterns and can provide insight into times in which you can focus on reducing your usage.

Energy Advisor Weekly Email Summary Example


Energy Advisor Monthly Projection Example


See a Projection for Next Months Bill

You’ll also see a projected monthly usage summary and an estimated monthly billing amount.

In addition, as our customer, you can view a more detailed report online when you access your MyAmbit Account Usage Summary.

This summary lets customers analyze their energy use by the month, the week, the day—or even in 15-minute intervals.

This tool will allow the customer to spot trends in home electricity use, as well as the impact that weather is having on electricity usage levels. Ultimately, this detailed report can help the electricity consumer manage their monthly budget and even lower their monthly energy expenses.

To take advantage of this ‘one of a kind’ energy conservation tool, pick one of our competitive rate plans and sign up today.  Call us and we’ll answer all your questions and wrap up the order in a few minutes.

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