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The Lone Star State’s wind generated electricity capacity continues to break records in the United States, says a recent report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

In the report, information from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) indicates the measure of wind generated electricity streaming into the Texas electric framework hit a high on October 22nd, seeing a record of 12,238 megawatts (MW). That surpassed the highs set earlier on September 13th (11,467 MW) and October 21st (11,950 MW).

The wind generated capacity in Texas keeps expanding, and these increases in capacity, combined with favorable wind conditions and unseasonably warm temperatures, have helped the wind energy yield in the state.

The EIA predicts that with new wind generating capacity coming online in Texas, combined with the seasonal conditions (fall and spring are normally strong wind months in Texas), the latest record for instant peak yield in wind generated electricity will probably be broken sooner rather than later.



Texas ranks #1 for installed wind capacity among all US states.

The installed wind capacity in Texas is 16,406 Megawatts.

Approximate number of wind turbines in Texas is 10,000.

In 2014, wind energy provided 9% of all in-state electricity production. The equivalent number of homes powered by this wind energy is 3.6 million homes.

The Department of Energy Wind Vision Scenario projects that Texas could produce enough wind energy by 2030 to power the equivalent of 15.4 million average American homes.

Where are the Texas Wind Farms?Bulk of Texas Wind Farms are in the West
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