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Currently, on the Texas electricity market, quite a few electric companies are playing fast and loose with the way they are quoting rates.

In my opinion, for the electricity customer, it has never been more confusing than it is right now.

There are literally hundreds of ‘plans’ to choose from and some companies offer more than a dozen plans themselves!   I have been working in the Texas electricity market since it has been fully deregulated — I know how to read the ‘fine print’ — and I can assure you that’s where the REAL electricity rate will be found; in the FINE PRINT.

Very few companies these days are ‘straight up‘ with their electricity rate quote.  A few are…  We are;  please check our rates page.

[one_half] There are many examples of the shenanigans going on, but let me share just one.    I won’t name the company, but here is an image from the company’s website regarding this electricity offer.   $50 of Free Electricity every month!  Sounds great right?  Who wouldn’t like Free Electricity.

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Well, it’s not even close to “great.”   This plan, even with the $50 credit, has a rate that is several cents higher than what is available with our no-nonsense plans.  Below is another image from this company’s website regarding this plan.   They use the verb “Enjoy.”   That’s not what I would call it.

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Here is some of the fine print on this plan (taken right from their site):

*Free electricity based on bill credits. A $25 bill credit will be applied if monthly usage reaches 800 kWh. An additional $25 bill credit will be applied if monthly usage reaches 1200 kWh, for a total potential bill credit of $50 per month.

[heading type=”h2″ underlined=”true” no_top_padding=”false” no_bottom_padding=”false”]The Truth is [/heading]

This company is, in effect, charging the electricity customer $50 extra per month, on top of already high rates, and then, if the customer uses 800 kWhs, the company will give the customer back $25 of his or her money.   How about that?

If the customer uses more and reaches 1200 kWhs in a month, this company will then break out the other $25 they took from the customer and give that back also.

There you have it.  “$50 in Free Electricity”     ~  …not so much…

Don’t fall for it.  Watch the fine print.  There are a multitude of other tricks.  Such as not including the Delivery Fees in the quoted rate, or charging customers for ‘sending’ a late notice letter, or charging the customer IF the customer simply calls to ask a question.  And there are more.

Call us if you have any questions about the various plans you run into.  We provide good, competitive, simple plans.   And we provide solid support by educating the customer (as much as they would like to know).

Give us a call, you’ll find we are like having a close friend that knows all about the electricity market.

Speaking of “enjoy” – we enjoy what we do, and you can tell.


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