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A short post today on electricity rates and ‘timing.’

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has data revealing average electricity rates for each month of the year.  Recently we reviewed 17 years of electricity rate data.

We took each month and calculated the average price over the past 17 years.  Here is what we found:

The month that averaged the lowest electricity rate:


The month that averaged the highest electricity rate:


Further, here are the 3 lowest, and 3 highest months; in order of rank.
[one_half] [box with_bg=”true” inner_padding=”small”] [heading type=”h5″ no_top_padding=”true” underlined=”true”]3 Lowest Months[/heading] December
February[/box] [/one_half][one_half last] [box with_bg=”true” inner_padding=”small”] [heading type=”h5″ no_top_padding=”true” underlined=”true”]3 Highest Months[/heading] June
August[/box] [/one_half]

What can you ‘take away’ from this data?

With this information could be telling you is that the time to lock-in an annual rate plan is in the winter. Meaning a 12 or 24 month plan. If you find yourself establishing new service in the middle of the summer, you might consider a shorter 6 month plan so as to be able to convert to an annual plan in the winter months.

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