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I spoke with a customer this morning who was asking many questions regarding the various rate plans and the fees associated with each of the plans.   In my view, quite a few Texas electricity companies have been working pretty hard at confusing the consumer with respect to what they will pay for electricity.

I bring to your attention an example I found just a few minutes ago.    Take a close look at the image below of an offer from TXU Energy.   Then, I’ll discuss a few items.

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I captured the image of the entire web page that had this offer and then I ‘pieced together’ the image above to bring the pertinent information into a smaller area for ease of illustrating.   Notice the rate they would LIKE you to focus on is the 10.4 cents per kWh for their 12 month term.  (By the way, as of this post our rate for a 12 month term is 9.5 cents)

Though TXU shows the rate at 10.4 cents, this is NOT really accurate, and requires some clarification.  This rate is ONLY garnered with an AUTO-PAY set up and ONLY when a consumer uses 2000 kWh’s or more in a billing cycle.  2000 kWh’s is much much more than the average used by a Texas residential electricity customer.  We need to see what the rate is WITHOUT the auto-bill pay and for usage around 1000 kWhs, which is much closer to what most will use.

Notice, when you review the ACTUAL rate shown on the electricity facts label, you’ll find that for 1000 kWh’s you’ll actually pay 12.5 cents per kWh!!

Also, if the customer fails to set up an automatic payment, the rate will be even higher.   This is a far bit off of the “10.4 cents” shown in large print.

These are the types of “tricks” many retail electricity providers are playing on potential electricity customers.   Not too long ago, virtually every electricity company quoted their electricity rate at 1000 kWh’s of usage, which is a more accurate look at what you will really pay.   Here at Round Rock Electricity, we still use that quote as the standard.  It gives the customer a little respect.  That’s the way we roll!

If you have any questions regarding any offers you find out there, we’d be glad to help you decipher the fine print.   No pressure, just a solid, honest assessment.

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